Urban Planning

The master planning services we offer are based on insight into the way places have an effect on the feel and wellbeing of a community. We aim to simplify the diverse and not always aligned objectives of mixed-use land developments to create places and spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Our fully integrated planning service encompasses the best in contemporary design, transportation planning, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our multidisciplinary capability equips us to address the economic, social, physical and environmental aspects of any development in a fully integrated manner. 

We focus on providing imaginative, practical and independent advice. We deliver projects from initial study right through to completion. 

Some of the work we undertake includes:

Local plan preparation

  • Planning for economic growth
  • Policy guidance
  • Area action plans
  • Evidence base
  • Research

Environmental planning

  • Ecology
  • Green infrastructure
  • Heritage
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Environmental impact assessment

Planning for property and financial sectors

  • Masterplan testing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Development appraisal
  • Due diligence

International planning for overseas clients

  • Tourism masterplanning and resort development
  • Integrated township development
  • Industrial planning
  • Mixed-use masterplanning
  • Strategic planning and policy advisory
  • Infrastructure planning

Development planning and site development services for housebuilding sector

Our services include:

  • Site preparation
  • Transport
  • Low carbon masterplanning
  • Energy connections
  • Planning applications and consenting

Development planning for infrastructure

We work within the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Mass transit
  • Public services
  • Water
  • Waste