Residential Architecture

These are some of the residential architecture services provided by our company – we can help with some or all of the following essential project phases:

Architect Feasibility Study

We can help you to set a budget for your project and determine affordable project scope. Whether it is for a new build or a renovation, we consider property value, available equity, ability to service borrowings, and likely return on investment. This is an essential step that helps to finish your project on budget, and alleviates the guesswork on costs.

We work with you, considering building costs, planning guidelines and other relevant property knowledge, to advise the best design that fits within your budget. All design requests are carefully considered so that you get your dream new home or renovation as close to budget as possible.

Architect Concept Design

After meeting to discuss your new home or renovation, we develop your requirements into a workable concept design. This may involve floorplan sketches, technical plans, 3D generations (interactive, computer generated or hand-drawn) or other visual and written documentation. We will also obtain a cost estimate to check that your new home or renovation is within your budget.

Architect Detail Design

After the creation of the concept and consultation between us and you, the client, we will develop the concept into a detailed design. Again, at this stage, you are presented with visual and written documentation which describes your new home or renovation. We provide the best images we can, including interactive 3D, coloured or photorealistic impressions alongside your technical floorplans.

We then test the refined design plan against your requirements. Communication is important; we make sure we have the design the way you want it, still taking into account your budget and planning guidelines, to ensure the plan is ready to go to construction.

At this stage we update the cost estimate, get the okay from you, and it’s on to construction of your new home or renovation.

Construction contract

We will then prepare construction documents, draw up a short list of builders to price the project, invite tenders, and provide advice on the selection of a builder. Once a builder has been chosen, we set up the building contract. Inspections and payment evaluations are undertaken both during construction and at completion.